Jack & Joy Loveday

Baptist Missionaries serving in Madrid, Spain

August 2017 Prayer Letter

June, July & August 2017

Dear Pastor and Church family,

Youth camp celebrates 40th anniversary of camps. This prayer letter will be wholly
dedicated to sharing the ministry of Mount Calvary Baptist Youth Camp, in Guadalajara, Spain.  Our church supports this ministry financially and through our prayers. Joy and I have been serving there for the past 35 summers, since we arrived in 1982.
We have watched God provide funds for the buildings that He has allowed us to build, and seen how God used Bro. Lavon & Carolyn Waters, the founders, to make this a vital ministry in the independent Baptist churches all over Spain. In the month of January, bro. Ángel Torres, pastor of the Iglesia Bautista La Cruz in Guadalajara, became the new director, as Bro. Waters resigned. We continue to be the camp “coordinators” which basically means we get to do a ton of planning, preparing and then passionately serve in each of the four weeks of camps. I directed 2 camps this summer, and Joy led 3 of the 4 kitchen crews. We are so grateful to work alongside so many pastors and missionaries to carry out camp’s philosophy which is:
“To take time away from the world and draw near to God by the teaching and preaching of the Bible, providing opportunity for fellowship among believers, and sharing in daily living among believers for the glory of God.”
                                                                                      Total campers     Professions of faith
Children’s Camp (ages 7 to 9)
                                                                                                  88                      14
Junior Camp (ages 10 to 13)
                                                                                                110                        4
Teen Camp (ages 14 to 19)
                                                                                                 104                       3
Spiritual Retreat (all ages)
So very thankful for the 30 churches in Spain who participated in one or more camps and helped us celebrate the 40 years of ministry. The souls saved and the innumerable spiritual decisions that were made in each camp, will be seen as these campers live them out in their local churches for the glory of God. An intense and concentrated effort with long lasting fruit!
If you have spanish speaking friends, please share the camp website (
http://www.mccbautista.com) where they can listen to audio sermons and Bible classes from each of the camps, as well as enjoy the special music and see over 1000 photos of our awesome 40th summer at Mount Calvary Baptist Youth Camp. Thank you so much for praying for us this summer.
Furlough 2017
During the month of September we will be traveling back to the U.S., to begin our short furlough. If we are not able to be with you to report of the work this time, please let
us know so that we can schedule you next time. Thank you so much for standing by us with your faithful prayers and support for the souls in Spain.
In His Service,
Jack and Joy Loveday
Field Address: Apartado 2.488 • 28080 Madrid, Spain
• e-mail  address:loveday.spain@gmail.com