Jack & Joy Loveday

Baptist Missionaries serving in Madrid, Spain

Virtual camps – Summer 2020

We would encourage each of you to take a moment to read our newsletter about our summer camp ministry at Mount Calvary Baptist Camp.

If you’d like to see videos and many, many pictures of the summer camps, you can check that out at our camp website on the top horitzonal bar under “FOTOS”, or on the side bar under “VIDEOS” at:


Thank you so much for your faithful prayers and support that allow us to be a part of this blessed ministry that serves the Baptist churches in Spain. Although it was very strange to be doing virtual camps on Zoom, our prayer is that this summer we will be able to hold normal camps.

In Him,
Jack and Joy Loveday
Madrid, Spain

March & April 2021 Prayer Letter

Dear Pastor and Church family,

February: The church’s neighborhood was reopened (after 5 weeks in confinement) and we began to have in-person meetings again. What a joy for us as believers to meet together in God’s house. Men’s breakfast, teen meetings, and ladies’ meetings were back on the calendar. Zoom is good, but in person is the best!

March: We celebrated the 34th anniversary of the Iglesia Bautista Bíblica with a video that included each of the church members/families and the year they were saved or joined the church by letter. Like churches all around the world, we too had a difficult year in 2020 but rejoiced to be able to celebrate together God’s rich blessings in and through the pandemic. April: Madrid’s Covid cases began to rise again on what they called the “3rd wave”, yet on Easter Sunday the choir presented 2 songs and our Sunday school children presented a play called “The 3 witnesses”. On April 12th the church neighborhood was again confined. This means only Joy and I (as essential workers) and the people who live in the neighborhood can attend services in person. Our hope was to pick up with the activities so as not to lose momentum, but yesterday they announced that our neighborhood will be “closed” for another week. Our Missions Conference as well as our Mother’s day evangelistic meeting have been postponed with the hope that we will be able to reopen soon.

Prayer request: Christopher has attended services sporadically. He is divorced and has brought his daughter, Lucía, to a few special services. In April he was hospitalized, (Covid), with serious breathing problems. The church began to pray fervently for God to spare his life. One Sunday morning, Joy spotted his girl in the park with her mother, and walked up and presented herself as a friend of Christopher’s. By God’s design, we met Mónica, who recently moved into an apartment in front of the church. She was crying because the girl’s father was so sick, and we assured her of our prayers. We’ve had contact with her 2 more times since then. Christopher is now home and recovering, and we ask you to pray for his salvation as well as the salvation of Mónica and Lucía.

On a personal note: Here is a rundown of some of our “trials and tribulations” during the past 2 months.
March 9 – My (Jack) gallbladder operation. So thankful for a great recovery and no problems.
March 23 – Joy’s mom (Carolyn), fell and broke her left hip and elbow. Operated on March 24.
March 29 – Mom transferred to a hospital in Madrid.
March 30 – Joy misstepped and sprained her ankle – crutches for 2 weeks.
April 7 – Mom – gallbladder removal surgery. Joy began to pass a kidney stone…when it rains, it pours!
April 19 – Planned to move to the rehab center for Mom, but blood test shows a serious problem with her liver.
April 20 – Mom – 2nd endoscopy to place a stent in the liver.
April 22 – Mom – severe pain in her right hip. A CT scan reveals 2 hairline fractures in the other hip from the original fall (which they had missed), and so she’s back to complete bed rest. New transfer date – Apr. 26th.
It has been an exhausting time for us physically and emotionally, but we have seen the sovereign hand of God in so many opportunities to witness His grace as He sustains us. He has been our rock and help in “times of trouble” Psalm 46:1. Thank you so much for your faithful support and prayers for our family and the ministry in Madrid. Because you give and pray, we can continue to reach lost souls with the Gospel.

Jack and Joy Loveday

Field Address: Apartado 2.488 • 28080 Madrid, Spain • e-mail address: loveday.spain@lovedayspain

• www.iglesiabautistavr.com • http://www.mccbautista.com • phone: 011-3491-674-0352

Mom and I celebrating her 85th birthday in the hospital with a jello cake! God is so good.