Jack & Joy Loveday

Baptist Missionaries serving in Madrid, Spain

November 2021 Prayer letter

Dear Pastor and Church family,

Noise problems / new opportunity: The building next door to the church was zoned for living quarters last year and an apartment was built. Although they promised to soundproof it, the building company did the ceiling, floor and 3 of the 4 walls and yes, you guessed right…the wall they left out is the one we share with Carlos, the new owner of the apartment. Over the past 6 months Carlos began to pound on the wall during the services. We talked with him many times but to no avail. One Sunday morning the knock at the door turned out to be the local police! They had come in response to his complaint of the “constant” noise of piano and singing. Upon our return from the US, we started a “Sweet ministry”. Each week one of our ladies baked something sweet and we would leave it at Carlos’ front door with a note. I was able to visit Carlos after the 2nd delivery. After a very intense beginning (with threats of taking the noise problem to court), he backed down and I’m sure God is using the “sweets” to change his heart. Pray with us that Carlos might come to the Christmas program on Dec. 19 and that we can find a good solution to the sound problem as well as win Carlos to Christ!

Ordination. On Saturday, November 6th, I traveled down with 2 other pastors from the Madrid area to the ordination of Omar Ossa, (a brother from Colombia whom I’ve known for many years), to the Gospel ministry. He is a member of a fellow missionary, Bro. Scooter Belasco’s church in Torrent, Valencia. It was a blessing and encouragement to see God’s work in Omar’s life and to participate in this special occasion. Meetings reopened. Upon our return, we’ve started up our men’s breakfast as well as our monthly Ladies Bible study, and are encouraged by the participation of our people. God has given me several good opportunities to speak with Javier, the owner of the Restaurant next door to the church.

Christmas program. On Sunday, Dec. 19, we will be celebrating our Christmas program which is one of our largest evangelistic meetings of the year. Please pray for God to work in hearts. Family news. Less than a week after our return to Spain, Joy tripped at night on some raised sidewalk tiles outside of her parent’s apartment and broke a bone in her left hand. Doing things with one hand has been a challenge. Please pray that she will be able to recover the full use of her hand.

We would also ask you to pray for our son-in-law and daughter, Eric and Amanda Shadle, as they have left Ethiopia because of the very unstable situation there. Pray for the church family they leave behind and for God to encourage their hearts and bring an end to the fighting.
With grateful hearts, we thank the Lord for allowing us to serve Him in Madrid, for HIS work in each heart, and for you, our faithful prayer warriors and supporters.
Thank you!

Jack and Joy Loveday

Field Address: Apartado 2.488 • 28080 Madrid, Spain • e-mail address: loveday.spain@gmail.com • www.iglesiabautistavr.com • http://www.mccbautista.com

Ordination – Bro. Omar – Torrent, Spain
Multi-church teen meeting held at camp in October.
Ladies Meeting – November 2021

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