Jack & Joy Loveday

Baptist Missionaries serving in Madrid, Spain

Resurrection Sunday in quarantine – April 2020

This past Easter Sunday was a first for all of us around the world as we celebrated the resurrection of our Saviour online! We truly thank the Lord for the technology that has allowed us to stay connected with the church family as well as celebrate our weekly services.

On Easter Sunday, some of our Sunday school children who thankfully live in a house with a yard, presented their easter skit. It is in Spanish, but we are so proud of them for making the effort to present this to us.

What in the world does our Missions Office do?

Standing beside and behind the BBFI missionaries are a group of people who serve the Lord and serve us at the Missions Office.

We encourage you to take some time and read about all the different facets of their work and how it benefits us personally as well as all the different works around the world. Just click on the link below Global2018.

If you don’t support the Missions office monthly (we do!), pray about the possibility of joining their effort to make the missionaries’ lives and ministries more effective as we reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 


“Let’s go places”

When Jack and I arrived in the U.S. on Sept. 5th to begin our furlough, we saw an ad on TV with the slogan “Let’s go places”.  We had just decided that our old motto, “on the road again” was outdated, so we chose this catchy phrase as we began our travels.

Once out on the highways to visit our churches, we have experienced some nervous and tense moments as we continually have to be watchful to adjust our speed. Sometimes we can travel at 65, or 70 or even 75 miles per hour (depending on what State we are passing through).  When we are on secondary roads or in a place of road construction, the variations are many in how fast or how slow we need to go. The constant adjustment to the speed limit can be exasperating, but certainly keeps us both alert!

This is very similar to our lives as we must constantly adjust to troubles, difficult situations outside of our control, or trials that come our way.  What a blessing to know that our Heavenly Father by way of His Spirit is constantly guiding us through each change of speed that comes into our lives.  Through His word, He encourages and guides us so that we need not fear nor get tense trying to adjust. Sometimes we have to speed up and sometimes it seems we are just crawling along, but we can trust Him who ever cares for us. His peace can be our constant companion as we adjust our speed.  Yes, “let’s go places” in our daily lives and in our spiritual walk with the sure knowledge that no matter what the “speed”, He is in control and we can rest in His love!

MCCB – Camp time – 40th Anniversary

In the month of July, we will begin our first week of the summer camps at Mount Calvary Baptist Youth Camp. This summer is going to be pretty special as we celebrate our 40th summer!
We’ve had many setbacks due to the weather as well as many changes, which have not allowed us to get as many projects done as we had planned.  Back in January, we had decided to finish putting tile floors in the remaining cabins, but only one side of one cabin has been done. This is in part due to something good as Spain’s economy seems to be bouncing back and people are finding jobs! As the men in our churches get jobs, their time to go and work at the camp property is no more, and therefore we have fewer pairs of hands to do the work. With God’s help, we will have all things ready by the first week of July.
Please join us in praying for the camp ministry and for the many campers that will come this summer. Pray for salvation as well as for growth and encouragement in the lives of those who will come.
Jack and Joy Loveday

The Blessing of Longevity

One of the blessings of being in a ministry/church for many years, are the children that grow up in the church. God has allowed me the privilege of being Roger and Leti’s pastor for many years. Joy has taught them both piano for over 10 years and she has also been their Sunday school teacher. We have seen them come to Christ, be baptized, and begin to serve several years ago in different areas in the church ministry. They both graduated with good grades this month and will both be going on to college.

Roger and his family are from Ecuador, so they will return there in July and he will study there. Leti and her family are from Perú, but they are staying in Madrid, and she will at attending the university here.


Graduations in Spain are not a big deal…certainly nothing compared to what we do in the U.S. So we decided today to honor our 2 graduates for completing their course well, and for staying faithful to the Lord in the process.  Thank you for your prayers which allow us to be missionaries in Spain for a LONG time, and these 2 precious lives are fruit to your account. We pray they will go on and serve the Lord faithfully in the years to come!