Jack & Joy Loveday

Baptist Missionaries serving in Madrid, Spain

MCCB – Camp time – 40th Anniversary

In the month of July, we will begin our first week of the summer camps at Mount Calvary Baptist Youth Camp. This summer is going to be pretty special as we celebrate our 40th summer!
We’ve had many setbacks due to the weather as well as many changes, which have not allowed us to get as many projects done as we had planned.  Back in January, we had decided to finish putting tile floors in the remaining cabins, but only one side of one cabin has been done. This is in part due to something good as Spain’s economy seems to be bouncing back and people are finding jobs! As the men in our churches get jobs, their time to go and work at the camp property is no more, and therefore we have fewer pairs of hands to do the work. With God’s help, we will have all things ready by the first week of July.
Please join us in praying for the camp ministry and for the many campers that will come this summer. Pray for salvation as well as for growth and encouragement in the lives of those who will come.
Jack and Joy Loveday

Feb./March 2017 Prayer Letter

Dear Pastor and Church family,
Ladies Regional meeting. On January 29th, our ladies traveled outside Madrid for the annual ladies meeting, hosted by the Iglesia Bautista Bíblica of Leganés (Madrid). There were over 140 ladies in attendance. We took 12 ladies and one of them was a new contact of one of our ladies Romina is from Argentina, and we pray that God gives us another opportunity to share the Word of God with her.
Family month. In the month of February, we emphasize the family by having special activities, sermons focusing on the family, and thus encouraging the families to work on strengthening their relationships in the home. During 2 Sundays in February, our church family took up a food collection and filled a couple of boxes, which we later distributed to 2 families that are out of work in our neighborhood.


Church’s 30th anniversary. On March 5th, we celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Iglesia Bautista Bíblica. Our special visitors, representing all our supporting churches in the U.S., were Pastor and Mrs. Jerry and Arleen Brantham, from Southside Baptist Church in St. Paul, Minnesota. They have supported us faithfully and been an important part of our ministry for 32 years.  

Our total attendance for the two services was 57, with lots of balloons, food, cake, gifts and powerful preaching by Bro. Brantham.  God keeps the record in heaven of the lives that have been saved, baptized, discipled and gone out from the church to serve in Spain and in other countries for His glory as well as those that are a part of the church today! We are so thankful for God’s goodness and faithfulness over these 30 years and look forward to serving Him in the years to come. We’re especially thankful for the 7 unsaved visitors who heard the “old story” that is so precious to our hearts of salvation in Christ alone! A special mention was made during the service on Sunday night by one of our men, sending out a huge thank you to all our supporting churches across America, who by their prayers and support are the reason why we were able to come to Spain to start a church in this city of over 3 million souls 30 years ago. To God be the glory!
Special prayer requests. We’ve had a crazy few weeks of health issues. Joy had some strange symptoms that gave us a scare and after a lengthy number of tests, Dr. assured us there is “no” cancer, but some issues that need further study. Joy’s Mom, Carolyn Waters was hospitalized to do some tests for an unknown infection. Thank the Lord, she should be going home this week. Then a week ago, our daughter Sandy was playing the piano in the morning service at church, when she fainted. She fainted again a few days later. She can’t drive nor work, and her specialist appointment isn’t for another week. Please keep our family and our health in your prayers.
Prayer requests. For salvation: Alicia, Carmen, Jesús, Paola, and Sandra. 
2nd Evangelistic Soccer Tournament A church in Guadalajara will be hosting this in April, and we are praying to be able to take several unsaved guys with us for this activity.
Easter Evangelistic services – We are working on an Easter Cantata for April.
Our hearts are so grateful to God for His faithfulness in our lives and for the way He is building His church in Madrid. Your prayers and faithful support make our partnership a blessed tool that God is using for souls to be saved and for the lost to hear the Good News.

Jack and Joy Loveday

October 2016 – Prayer Letter

Sept. and Oct. 2016

Dear Pastor and Church family,

“Go out…and compel them to come in.”  One Sunday morning, Marilyn, one of our Sunday school teachers, was on her way to church, when she met a lady on the sidewalk, near the church, who looked like she was lost. She asked if she could help her and she said she was looking for the “church” (the catholic one). Marilyn then invited her to come hear the Good News and Patricia walked in with her and came to both services!  She cried during the preaching of the Word in the evening and told us she has many problems in her life.  Please pray for her salvation.

A close call. One of our ladies at church last week had an allergic reaction before choir practice when she hugged a family of three who own a cat and a dog. We greet each other in Spain with 2 kisses, but since she hadn’t seen this family in awhile, she hugged them and kissed them. She got through one song in choir practice and then her face began to swell and her breathing got very labored. Her husband rushed her to the ER and she was there for about 7 hours while they stabilized her. The asthma attack has caused an alteration to her heart, so she’ll be seeing the cardiologist for further test. So thankful for God’s protection over her. Allergies are a serious matter…even in church!!!

Teen ministry.  God has brought us 5 new visitors to our Saturday teen meetings at different times during the past 2 months: Mikel, Rose, Carlos, Joaquín and Isaac. We also participated in a joint meeting in Leganés in September and another one in Camarma, in October.  We usually have a Bible contest, so our teens are spending a lot of time studying the Word to better prepare, and God can use this in their hearts. Just last week, 2 sister churches organized an indoor soccer tournament.  We are so thankful that we had 3 unsaved fellas come and play with our teen fellas. We came in 3rd in the competition, but we won because 3 fellas got to hear the good news of the Gospel.  Please pray for our christian teens: Leticia, Diego, Alex, Marco, Vera and Sebastián. Investing our time by forming strong bonds of friendship and influence in the lives of our teens is so important.
Cardiac rehab is finished. In October I finished my cardiac rehab. I thank the Lord for several new friends I was able to make. Julián and I began to converse at our very first class.  By September, he had opened up and shared with me that he was a published poet, and lent us a copy to read.   Joy had a book of spanish poems written by a spanish christian man, so during our last week, I lent it to Julián.  He came the next day and told me he had almost read every one of the poems.  Pray that the hope in Christ in the christian poetry may touch Julián’s heart.  I lent the book so that we can meet up again when he returns it to me. So thankful for all God has done in my recovery. 
Thank you so much for your prayers and support for the ministry in Madrid.  God continues to allow us make new contacts.  Pray for Rosa (saved at Family camp) as she continues to attend faithfully, but her 9 year old daughter doesn’t, because the priest has given her a “special job” so she won’t miss catechism classes.  Also pray for the salvation of Paola, Aitana, Alicia, Joaquín, Mikel and Carlos.

In His Service,

Jack and Joy Loveday

August 2016 Prayer Letter

Dear Pastor and Church family,                                                     July and Aug. 2016


Summer camps. Although we began the summer with apprehension as we ram camps with many changes and substitutions due to my heart operation, God answered our prayers beyond our expectations. You will see below the numbers of campers and those who made professions of faith. We praise Him for providing 2 fellow missionary/pastors to lead in my absence, and so thankful to see the Camp ministry continue to bless the independent Baptist churches in Spain!

Recovery and cardiac rehab. I spent 3 weeks in July going 3 times a week to rehab. When I walked into the cardiologist’s office for my check-up, he got tears in his eyes as he saw how much I had improved! He gave me permission to attend a full day at teen camp, where missionaries Matthew and Susan Bixby were our special guests. I was able to preach one night at Junior, Teen and Family camp which was a huge blessing! I’m walking 5 to 6 days a week the 6 kilometers the dr. ordered, and feel my strength and energy returning. Thank you so much for your prayers for my health. Even though the cardiologist was very pleased with my recuperation, he still feels it best that we postpone our furlough (scheduled for Sept. 2016) till next Fall 2017, so that I can continue with my cardiac rehab. By the way, Joy and I have both had opportunities to witness to new friends at the rehab center and going back in September to complete 5 more weeks.

Fruit that abounds to your account. Marilyn, invited a long-time friend, Rosa and her 9 year old daughter to attend Family Camp (see the last picture below). On Wednesday night, Rosa accepted Christ as her Saviour. She attended our Christmas program in 2014 and our Mother-daughter meeting in 2015, but the priest told her she must not attend our church ever again or he wouldn’t allow her daughter to do her 1st communion. Rosa came to camp, heard the Word preached and was saved! Please pray for her growth in Christ and for the salvation of her 2 daughters and husband.

Summer Camp blessings at Mount Calvary Baptist Youth Camp

CAMP Attendance

Children’s Camp (ages 7 to 9) 75  –  13 children saved
Junior Camp (ages 10 to 13) 104 –  8 juniors saved
Teen Camp (ages 14 to 19) 100  –  1 teen saved
Family Camp (all ages) 59-  2 adults saved

As we begin the various ministries at church in September, we ask you to continue to pray for the following who need to be saved: Alicia, Paola, Carmen, and Jesus. Thank you for taking the time to pray and to support us financially so that we can be sowing the seed in the hearts of many in Spain!

In His Service,

Jack and Joy Loveday

Field Address: Apartado 2.488 • 28080 Madrid, Spain
e-mail address: loveday.spain@gmail.com

Visit http://www.mccbautista.com to see videos, photos and audio of preaching and bible classes, (in spanish) from this camp season and to share with your spanish speaking friends.

Jan.& Feb. 2016 Prayer Letter

Our hope is in Him! During the first 2 months of the year we experienced some harsh attacks from the enemy.  Yet we can again lift our voices in praise to our powerful God, who not only gives us victory, but has given us His peace to stand firm even as He continues to teach us. We’ve had many doors of opportunity open to be able to share the Word, and we know that God is working in our midst!

Antonio, the “churro” man. Over the past 15 years, during the winter months, Antonio parks his trailer near the corner by our church, where he and his wife make “churros” (fried funnel cakes) which they sell to people walking by on the sidewalk. We buy “churros” from Antonio in large quantities at least 3 or 4 times a year for a church activity. While out doing an errand, I stopped to talk with him as I often do, and he said, “could we meet some day to sit down and talk about God?” Praise the Lord and pray with us as we meet in the coming weeks, that Antonio to be saved!

Regional Teen Meeting. It was our church’s turn to host the regional teen meeting in February. We had 5 other churches attend and saw 53 come together.  There was a good spirit and many hands raised in the invitation after the preaching, asking for prayer for struggles they were having in their lives.  Our attendance was a little down because there was a big soccer game going on at the time of the service, but we thank the Lord for those faithful teens who made a wise choice to come and hear the Word.

Ladies Meeting. This year our ladies were invited to the yearly Regional Ladies meeting hosted by the Iglesia Bautista of the city of Leganés. There were over 130 ladies who attended, and Joy was able to take 9 from the church. Our ladies always enjoy a day of good fellowship and return encouraged from the Bible lessons learned throughout the day.  We were so excited that Isabel (who was saved in June of 2015) was able to attend for the first time.

February – Focus on our Families.  On a Sunday in February, we had a “family-gathering” at church for lunch where each family brought their food, and we ate together. Then we spent the afternoon fellowshipping. It was a great time of encouragement and sharing.  The focus of the sermons in February were all oriented to the family. It is such a blessing to watch God working to strengthen our families.
Another baptism. Praise the Lord we were able to baptize Lucía, who is 11 years old.  She is the daughter of Jose and Sandra and we are excited for her decision to follow the Lord in baptism.
Bible Institute on Romans. Jose went with us to an intensive Bible Institute class held at a sister Baptist church in Torrejón on the book of Romans.  It was a real blessing to be able to attend and always learn, so that we can then teach others.

29th Church Anniversary. So very thankful to celebrate the church’s 29th anniversary with Bro. David and Maribel Bell and their 3 children. Bro. Bell pastors a Baptist church in Petrel, Spain.  Their visit was a blessing to us personally and also to the church family. We had a new visitor come in both services and  had 2 unsaved ladies attend the evening preaching.  We are so grateful to God for allowing us to serve Him.  He is faithful! Thank you so much for your prayers for Joy and I, and for your faithful support for us and the ministry here.

In His Service,

Jack and Joy Loveday