Jack & Joy Loveday

Baptist Missionaries serving in Madrid, Spain

The Blessing of Longevity

One of the blessings of being in a ministry/church for many years, are the children that grow up in the church. God has allowed me the privilege of being Roger and Leti’s pastor for many years. Joy has taught them both piano for over 10 years and she has also been their Sunday school teacher. We have seen them come to Christ, be baptized, and begin to serve several years ago in different areas in the church ministry. They both graduated with good grades this month and will both be going on to college.

Roger and his family are from Ecuador, so they will return there in July and he will study there. Leti and her family are from Perú, but they are staying in Madrid, and she will at attending the university here.


Graduations in Spain are not a big deal…certainly nothing compared to what we do in the U.S. So we decided today to honor our 2 graduates for completing their course well, and for staying faithful to the Lord in the process.  Thank you for your prayers which allow us to be missionaries in Spain for a LONG time, and these 2 precious lives are fruit to your account. We pray they will go on and serve the Lord faithfully in the years to come!