Jack & Joy Loveday

Baptist Missionaries serving in Madrid, Spain

About us

Here you can read and learn about God´s work in our lives many years ago, as He led us to serve Him in Madrid, Spain and some of the ministries we are presently involved with.

June 2019

Jack was saved at the Gilead Baptist Church Detroit, Michigan in 1971.
Joy was saved on the mission field of Spain in 1972.

The Lovedays graduated from Baptist Bible College in Springfield, MO in 1979. They served their internship at the Twin Cities Baptist Church in Mishawaka, Indiana under two pastors; Rev. Walter T. Andrews and Rev. Mike Randall. After approval from BBFI Missionary Board in May 1981, they began their deputation for Spain.
The Lovedays arrived in Spain in September of 1982 with their oldest daughter, Amanda, age 3. They served with Joy’s parents, Lavon and Carolyn Waters, for 3 years while learning the language. During this time, their second daughter, Sandy, was born. At the end of this first term, they returned to the United States for 4 months with plans of launching out on their own upon return.

After returning in June of 1985, Joy was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Disease, a lymphatic cancer, in stage 3. She underwent chemo and radiation (in Spain) and spent the next few years recovering from this health trial. In 1986, they put a down payment on a store-front building (by faith) and began the work on the building which took about 8 months. On February 22, 1987, they began having services in the building along with another Spanish couple who had come from another work to help them.

The Loveday’s ministry to Spain is varied in detail, from regular weekly services to prayer meetings and tract distribution. They have monthly Ladies Bible study, Teen meetings and Men’s breakfast. The three main Evangelistic outreaches are done at Christmas, Easter and for Mother’s day.

Spain’s only religion is Roman Catholicism. It is ingrained and woven into the fabric of every area of the Spanish culture. The work in Spain is very slow and the salvation of souls is very rare… but the we believe that God has souls there who He will save and who need to hear the Gospel.

The Iglesia Bautista Bíblica just celebrated it´s 25th anniversary.  God has been good and although the work is not very large, it is a good solid work as far as churches go in Europe.  Average attendance is between 40 and 45 people on any given Sunday.   Many immigrants (from South America) who work in Spanish homes are being a witness where they are planted. There are several men who help with the preaching and who usually take charge when we the Lovedays go to the U.S. on furlough.  

Another important ministry is the Mount Calvary Baptist Youth Camp. The camp was begun and is led by Lavon and Carolyn Waters (Joy´s parents). The Lovedays work at the camp every Tuesday and in the summer months. They work in leadership positions in the camp as well as organizing all the teaching material and the buying and preparation of the food for the 5 weeks of summer camps.

The Lovedays were married on June 2, 1978 and their birthdays are:
Jack: September 7, 1957
Joy: March 25, 1959

Our oldest daughter, Amanda (June 21,1979) is married to Eric Shadle and they have 2 children (Kayla – 14and Aaron  – almost 10).  They arrived in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in July of 2009 to begin adapting to their new home and learning the language.  In May of 2011, they began the Bethel Bible Baptist Church of Ayat, Ethiopia. We are so thankful to see how God is using their lives to bring the Ethiopians the Good news of the Gospel.

Sandra, our youngest daughter (May 17,1983) graduated from Bible College in May of 2006 and after studying one year of graduate school began the process of approval as a TEAM missionary.  She arrived in Spain in June of 2009 and served as a missionary until May of 2014. She now works for a company  called “La Casita de Inglés” as a full-time English teacher for children. She is serves the Lord with us at the Iglesia Bautista Bíblica and we thank the Lord for her life.

3 thoughts on “About us

  1. Hey Joy, I ran across this today. How are you doing? It’s me, Denise Walker McGrain. I’ve had you on my mind lately, and have been wondering how things are for you.
    I would love to hear from you when you have time. Take care.


    • Hi Denise,
      Thanks so much for your note. My husband and I are missionaries in Spain, (for the last 38 years). My parents are still here – 85 years old – kind of active missionaries. My Mom is ok, but my Dad has parkinsons and dementia. So I care for them with the help of some caretakers as they live in Guadalajara, about 40 min. away from where we live in Coslada.
      My brother, David, is a pastor in Virginia.
      We have 2 daughters – the oldest, Amanda will b 43 next month. She is married to our son-in-law, Eric and they serve as missionaries in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. They have our 2 grandkids – Kayla (20) – studying at Liberty University, and Aaron (17) who is finishing his 10th grade.

      Tell me about yourself, and your family. We sure had a great time studying (or rather trying to study) at ECA back when!!! Praying that you are well.


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